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Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro - Level 2

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Certification July 30th-31th 2019

Advanced Education (no test)


Golf Instructor Advanced Education Program


Ben Hogan was not a method developer, he was a method publisher. The old method characterized by imbalance was developed years before the great Ben Hogan published his book "5 Lessons".

If you publish something first, you are the source of the method. Frank Drollinger was fortunate enough to find a way how to drastically increase consistent results in golf by changing the key principles of imbalance to core balance, and unstructured didactics to a written, structured 3D guidebook for the perfect golf swing.

3D coordinates are very important to install a proper mental training like software into the brain. It’s a written blueprint that is easy to understand.

After 3 days, students only have to actively remember 3 key moves; all other moves are programmed into the brain. This means that they work precisely and in a repeatable high-end quality, because the brain uses the software by giving orders to the nerves and muscles in less than half a second. If you change a method and you do not change the key principle of imbalance, we call it a variation of the method. Frank Drollinger is a method developer. Being the source of a biomechanical system and developing a new method is the spearhead of competence. „I’m very grounded and inside my ego box you will find only two words: Thank You!“ Frank said.

„My method follows a written system. After 3 days of advanced education, every instructor gets a qualification to be a Golf Biomechanics, Health and Performance Pro (Core Balance Free Release). There is no test at the end of the advanced education program, if you work as a golf instructor for more than 3 years.

I think this is very fair. My team, of which I am only a little part, is excited about the huge performance advantages of the Core Balance Free Release Method: So far, we could reduce up to 21 DOFs and up to 12 DOFs of the golf club path. This reduction of complexity makes the swing easier and speeds up the process of learning. I promise to support all peers. In my opinion, there are no limits for golf instructors. I am very happy to make it possible for them to attain the social standard of a doctor, who improves people’s quality of lifestyle through health promotion, through golf played the right way. Golf instructors are 3 days and a certification away to become an expert who promotes the health of students and their lifestyle.

After this certification, each Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro (CBFR) will be able to improve the performance, repeatability and health management of every Weekend Player as well as every !!! Tour Player.


This is the deal / What you get:

  • We offer a 2-Day-Workshop on July 30th – 31th
  • Every Student with a proactive motivation will get a
    Golf Biomechanic, Health & Performance Pro (Core Balance FREE-RELEASE) Certification
    Golf Superperformance Pro (Core Balance FREE-RELEASE) Certification

What you learn:

Didactics, how to learn

  • Learn how students learn golf the fastest way
  • Learn how to use neurocognition to break through limited repeatability from the average 63% up to 99% repeatability.


Health, avoid injuries

  • Learn how to avoid Golf Injuries, such as lower back problem, shoulder-, elbow-, wrist-, spine-, pelvis-, hip, knee-, ankle-, tibia-, rib-, muscle-, and tendon injuries
  • Learn to promote the health of your students
  • Learn how to change pathogenic moves into healthy moves


Mental 4.0 Fusion (Core Balance Free Release)

  • Learn 3D motor-control drills for every phase of the swing
  • Learn to easily install the blue print like software into the brain
  • Learn how to use the written 3D Core Balance Free Release navigation system
  • Learn to help your students avoid fears of failure
  • Learn to help your students to be sure what they have to do;
  • Help your students gain mental confidence


Speakers and Teachers Team:

  • Andrea Drollinger, Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro (CBFR) Athletic Training, Mental 4.0 Training, 3D Motoric Training Co-Developer Core Balance Free Release
  • Master Head Pro Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro (CBFR), Method Developer Core Balance Free Release Frank Drollinger

Not included:

  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation costs



Orlando/Florida (FL)


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Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro - Level 2

Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro - Level 2

Golf Biomechanics, Health & Performance Pro (CORE BALANCE FREE-RELEASE) - Level 2

Golf Brain Trainer (CORE BALANCE FREE-RELEASE) - Level 2


Certification July 30th-31th 2019

Advanced Education (no test)

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